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M.A.D.D Community Partners

Estella Pyfrom (Estella’s Brilliant Bus)

Madison Martial Arts School

Herman Wallace House

Darryl Farmer CEO of (Press the Mark)

Ajay Pullen CEO (Central Ohio Youth Advocacy Program)

Tony Hoskins CEO (Ohio Bikers Stop The Youth Violence)


Donations for Make a Difference Daily

Estella Pyfram/Estalla's Brilliant Bus

She is also a recipient of Congressional Record, in Washington, D.C.  Mrs. Estella Pyfrom, who spent her childhood as a migrant worker in the Glades picking beans, grew up to be a teacher and then spent a good chunk of her retirement on a full-size bus equipped with 17 computer stations. Now 76 and ostensibly retired from education, she drives the bus to schools and community centers and is personally closing the digital divide for kids at or below poverty level. Check out the video here:


Estella Pyfrom

Founder & Executive Director | Please consider a donation

"We Bring Education To You"


As the wise person says,

if you want to go fast, go alone;

but if you want to go far, go together" 




 Ohio Bikers Stop the Youth Violence

Rich Girls of Franklin Ave and Chic Nouv with CEO Ms. Cee Cee and Rowena Kay, We have a similar program, so we decided to partner together.  Tony Hoskins B.K.A Mighty Mouse is the national president of motorcycle club “Heavy Metals”.  We’re trying to target the situation with rallies on Stop Youth Violence that’s right now plaguing our neighborhoods; our goal is to make a difference with prevention methods. We’re in partnership with his motor cycle club to fundraise for a good cause.



Ms. Jackie Sumell she is a representative of the Herman Wallace House, a little about the Herman Wallace project he was a gentleman that was wrongfully incarcerated in Louisiana who spent 40 years in solitary confinement. Mr. Wallace was a quitted of all charges and was rewarded reparations funds for wrongfully spending time in prison.  Herman Wallace being in solitary confinement was diagnosed with cancer, he was not bitter but he wanted to make sure no one would experience what he went through. Herman Wallace wanted to help at risk kids and provide them housing and educational opportunities’.  

He founded Herman’s House, It’s actually a community center where the kids can go and come to where they can have resources and workshops. In the process of getting this going, Mr. Wallace passed away but his dream lives on because the young lady that partnered with him, her name is Jackie Sumell, she’s continuing on with the project, which is a foundation. We’re partnering with her to help bring awareness to the Herman Wallace project. MADD MUSIC TOUR goal is to put together a mural on T-Shirts, Compilation Music CD and DVD of his story as a promo package for public support for the Herman Wallace Foundation.


  Look him up at




Their mission is to educate and demonstrate the true power of small business owners networking correctly, using the blueprints out there for us to learn how to grow, not just for the moment, but for generations....


About the Company


We are built on the promise of James 2:26 that "Faith without works is dead" and with that, we encourage you to keep your faith and let us help you work. Since 2009, we have assisted numerous small business owners in almost every aspect of business. We have experience in every realm, of Music, Entertainment, Business Management, and Organizational Leadership... and we are proud to say our areas of expertise continue to grow...


We work with the belief that we need to help you build and through helping you establish a strong foundation, our entire network becomes stronger. Our full range of services includes Business Consultations, Legal Advisory & Contract Review, Branding, Marketing, Social Media Management, and growing your presence all over the Internet.


If your looking for the right network to help your business grow and expand in your area, and everywhere, then try the best...we work for you...




Based in Birmingham, Alabama, this company keeps its eye on radio listeners. Flame On Radio is one of the world's leading radio broadcasters with 6 stations serving about 30 major markets over the airwaves. Its stations offer a variety of programming from news, talk, and entertainment to a wide range of music styles.It's programming strongly focuses on premiering uncut, unedited underground, independent, and mainstream music while giving their listeners the most wildest, hottest, and realest shows to ever hit internet radio. In addition to traditional broadcasting, Flame On Radio's stations broadcast with online streaming and will soon be offering on-demand content.

Flame On Radio can be found on the free Tunein mobile app, the free RadioLoyalty mobile app, and the free Radionomy mobile app which is available on Google Play and the Itunes stores. Once installed on the device of choice, listeners can search for Flame On Radio and all 6 stations are available for the listeners. Flame on Radio can also be listened to from our website

Aaron Robinson

Aaron Robinson established Aaron Robinson Management and Entertainment (ARME) in 2013. A native of Chicago, Illinois, Mr. Robinson has been successful at countless business ventures as he sought after and began his work in the music industry while a teenager as a hip hop artist by the name of Comprehend. Mr. Robinson has pursued live performances in various renowned arenas, whether performing solo or collaborating with one of the hottest DJ’s in Chicago, DJ Fast Eddie. In the midst of making music industry contacts and also a prominent name for himself, Mr. Robinson has been in the company of Nelly, Murphy Lee, DJ Slugo, Scarface, K. Michelle, Jon B, Tweet, Tanay Jackson, B. Howard, Keith Murray, Cappadonna, and Big Rube of the Dungeon Family, just to name several. He has been advised by some of the industry greats including Grammy Award winning artist Gary Hines (director of Sounds of Blackness), Hezekiah Walker and the late Heavy D. Mr. Robinson has leveraged relationships and partnerships with record labels and distribution companies, presenting and bringing opportunities to his clients/artist. 



Please feel free to check out Aaron Robinson links at


Dr. Valerie Cooper: 

Community Partner

 Firecrackers Jump Ropers:

 Youth Attraction

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